Hello everyone! Our Christian Education programs for children and youth are well under way. For our Sunday School classes, we are using a new program called “Follow Me” from PCUSA. In this program, we are learning about the 36 practices of Jesus. We read about how Jesus lived these practices in the Bible and then how we can use them in our personal lives. Some of the practices we have covered so far this year are Welcoming Everyone, Following Jesus, Confession, Hope, and Baptism. These classes run weekly from 9-10 before the service. If you haven’t come yet, please consider joining the classes any time! All are welcome!

For Children’s Church, we are using a program called ShareFaith that has turned our Bible stories into cartoon videos, PowerPoint presentations, games, and comic books. I’m not sure who enjoys the curriculum more: the children or the adult volunteers. We are moving through this program chronologically. Currently we are learning about Moses and hope to wrap up his story by the end of the school year.

The Christian Education committee has been rethinking our educational model based on volunteer, family, and student input. One big change has been to limit youth group events to once a month. These monthly events have been better attended and our youth don’t feel as stressed about coming weekly. In January, we went bowling and, in February, we went to play laser tag. For March, with so many of our youth in local theater productions, we will be planning outings to go and support them the
weekend of March 18th. Let me know if you would also like to join us!

This year has been a whirlwind and I am so proud of our volunteers, youth, and children who have overcome so many challenges. It is an honor and privilege to serve them and our church.

Love in Christ,


Emily Kaltz
First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn
Christian Education Volunteer Coordinator