Paths of Hope

Billy and Kate Greenman have been serving in Peru for more than 10 years. 

Born and raised in Southeastern Michigan, we now call Lima, Peru, home. Our first experience with Peru was during 2001. At 15, we had just finished our freshman year of high school and both signed up for the same 3-week trip co-led by FPCD and Ward Church (Northville).

Neither can say we remember much about each other during those 18 days but we do know that upon returning home, a seed was planted in each of our hearts. After 10 years of short-term volunteering, we both felt a calling to transition into full-time ministry. Billy moved in March 2009, and Kate arrived in June 2011.

Over the years we have held various roles from volunteer coordinators to directors of a ministry to abandoned children, where we worked closely with the staff at 6 children’s homes and the Peruvian government.

After seeing a great need in support from children’s home graduates, we now lead Paths of Hope’s mentoring ministry for teens and young adults who currently or have lived in residential care. 

We bring churches and children’s homes together to provide connection and community to the teens living in care in an effort to make the transition to independent living easier. We train our volunteer mentors and the staff at the children’s homes with trauma competent caregiver curriculum, empowering them to walk alongside their mentee and teens in care.  
We also are part of the Perú por los Niños (Peru for the Children) leadership team. Perú por los Niños is a network of organizations, churches and individuals that desire to see every Peruvian child being raised in a family setting, as we believe that families are better suited to care for the individual needs of children, rather than larger institutions. As a network we support family reunification as well as foster care and adoption initiatives.

We are support-raising missionaries through United World Mission.

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