Our Music Ministry is relying on INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC to glorify God in worship services this fall. When we can safely return to singing, we will return with Cantors, solos and ensembles. Hopefully, our much appreciated and beloved Sanctuary Choir will be able to sing together again as soon as Covid numbers in Michigan improve.

BELLS OF HEAVEN will begin rehearsals in September, as they call us to worship and lift our hearts to God with their beautiful handbell ringing. They practice with masks and physical distancing. How fortunate we are to have these talented musicians!

Our Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ is better than ever, now that it has a brand new blower motor. Check out the bulletin board in the main hall to give you some idea of the complexity beneath the surface of a great pipe organ. This church has a rich blessing in our beautiful pianos and pipe organs. Look for ORGAN MEDITATIONS on selected Wednesdays at noon in the sanctuary and chapel.

NEW THIS FALL will be an Instrumental Music Class for children and youth, featuring handbells, drums, xylophones, pianos and organs, with music reading and lots of fun! Each student will wear a mask, and be physically distanced from each other, to stay safe in church.

Many thanks to our tech team, Brian and Andrew Mayer and Geoffrey Dicks, who are using their skills to provide youtube anthems from this past year in worship services. We are so fortunate to be together, working with God, and hoping for healthy fellowship to come!

Brenda Ferguson, Organist / Director of Music