This is a God Wink story worth sharing. Five strangers turned into Guardian Angels for Noodles, our now 11 year old Golden Retriever. Bob and I were walking the trails in the woods along the river behind church. We were paying more attention to our new puppy when Noodles disappeared. Bob raced back down the trail to our car thinking she got spooked by something and wanted to return home. I stayed along the path calling for her. Then I heard shouts from 3 people on the other side of the river. They saw her in the water balanced on a log and directed me to where she was hidden from my view. She was off the path about 20 feet and could not get up the 5′ embankment. Before I could call Bob, a couple walking the trails came to my rescue. Frank went down the embankment, balanced over her on a log and pulled her up without falling in. As a thank you, Noodles gave a good shake and covered him with muddy water. Five strangers were at the right place and time to save Noodles and us from a world of hurt and worry. We would not have found her or heard her bark for help but God sent us Five Angels!

Diane & Bob Missler