Now that my county and state duties for Eastern Star are done, I’m ready to hit the church library with all my time and attention (that isn’t used by Brenda in the music program – LOL!). To do this, I need your help.

My background is childhood literature and history/ biographies. While I’m interested in religious writings, I’m not knowledgeable enough in that area to know what you’d like to study or read for enjoyment. Therefore, I’m asking (begging!) for ideas of subject matter, titles, formats, etc. that you’d like to see in the library. Telling me there’s nothing of interest there for you doesn’t help me change it to be of value to you. PLEASE! Help me help you find what you need or want for your spiritual journey.

I do have some new titles I’ve been adding from Rev. Dave Blevik’s collection and as I process these and new titles I’m getting ready to buy, I will leave them out on the table in the library for you to browse at your convenience. They’ll be out for roughly a month before I shelve them.

Thanks for all the help you will give me in making this a useful place to visit.

Your Loving Librarian,
Dottie Kennedy