Hello everyone! Our Christian Education programs for children and youth are well under way. For our Sunday School classes, we are using a new program called “Follow Me” from PCUSA. So far, the students have learned 2 practices of Jesus- Welcoming Everyone and Following Jesus. Throughout the curriculum, students are exposed to 36 practices of Jesus, where we see these practices in the Bible, and then, most importantly, in my opinion, how we can follow these practices in our everyday lives. These classes run weekly from 9-10 before the service. If you haven’t come yet, please consider joining the classes any time! All are welcome!

For Children’s Church, we are using a program called ShareFaith that has turned our Bible stories into cartoon videos, Powerpoint presentations, games, and comic books. The kids are highly engaged throughout the lessons and we are able to go through the Bible chronologically. Children’s Church takes place during the service. All children are welcome.

So far this year, we have had some fun outings with youth group including mini-golf, a scavenger hunt, game nights, and a walk downtown to get bubble tea. This is an incredibly busy time for our youth, so we are trying to come up with a solution to increase participation. Parents, look out for a survey coming your way in the new year.

As I look toward the future and advent, I look forward to celebrating this time with the children, youth, families, and all of you! If you would like to volunteer with any of the classes listed above, please let me know and we can have a discussion on how you can help!

Love in Christ,